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Bodybuilders know one thing and one thing for sure, that one thing is that without putting the necessary time in the gym, they will never be able to build that bodybuilder competition-like body. However, this piece you are focusing on right now is going to ask you to buck the gym hitting tradition for a little while, then sit on your favorite chair and watch some television. That is due to the fact that the piece you are reading right now will be looking at the top seven bodybuilding movies of all time. So without any further interruption, let’s start out look at the top seven bodybuilding movies of all time with number seven. By the way, the reason behind choosing seven documentaries is that you will now have one to watch for every day of the week.

#7: Generation Iron (2013) (Documentary)

This documentary focused on the top bodybuilders in the world today who were preparing to compete in the 2012 Mr. Olympia Competition. Some of the more notable people appearing in the documentary are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mickey Rourke (Narrating), Michael Jai White, Lou Ferringo, Busta Rhymes Ian Mercer, Phil Heath, Kai Greene and more bodybuilders than you can ever imagine.

#6: Muscle Beach: Then & Now (2011) (Documentary)

For those who never had the opportunity to travel to the historic Muscle Beach in California, then this is a must watch documentary for you because this film tells the awesome history of the California landmark from its inception to the present day. Such notables as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack LaLane, Steve Reeves, Frank Zane, Franco Columbou and others all appear to discuss the bodybuilding landmark.

#5: The Comeback (1980) (Documentary)

There is no doubt that Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most popular bodybuilders of our time and this film looks at his attempt to win his seventh World Bodybuilding Championship after a five-year absence from competition. Folks appearing in this movie are Arnold Schwarzenegger (obviously), Franco Columbu, Frank Zane and many others.

#4: Pumping Iron II: The Women (1985) (Documentary)

This first incarnation of Pumping Iron turned the sport of male bodybuilding into a worldwide phenomenon, the second movie takes a look at bodybuilding again, but this time from the perspective of female competitors. A lot of great people were in this documentary like George Plimpton, Lydia Cheng, Rachel McLish, Bev Francis and a bunch of others.

#3: Stand Tall (1997) (Documentary)

This documentary is very similar to The Comebcak (#5), but this one focuses on Lou Ferringo’s return to competition after a nineteen year retirement from competition. Several greats appear in this film, such as Lou Ferringo (obviously), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carla Ferringo, Robbie Robinson and a variety of others.

#2: Bigger, Stronger, Faster (2008) (Documentary)

This documentary takes a look at the role of steroids in the sports world, primarily focusing on the sport of bodybuilding. Chris Bell, Mike Bell, Mark Bell, Hank Aaron, George W. Bush, Joe Biden, Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco, Hulk Hogan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and a plethora of major names all appear in this film.

#1: Pumping Iron (1977) (Documentary)

This is the film that would launch Arnold Schwarzenegger into the stratosphere, but the film was a behind the scenes look into the bodybuilders preparations for the Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe contests in 1975. Names such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferringo, Matty Ferringo, Victoria Ferringo, Ken Waller and a host of other pop up in this one.

So, there you have it folks, whether you are an avid bodybuilder or just a fan of the sport, here are the definitive bodybuilding films you need to watch right now.

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